ISDT - K4 Smart Charger AC/DC 1-8S / 20Ax2 Charger -9782178

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ISDT K4 Smart Charger AC/DC 1-8S / 20Ax2 Charger -9782178


AC/DC dual mode dual channel / 20A x2 / 600W x2

Smart charger

Independent dual channel

Support 1~8S lithium battery

All-round, continuous high-energy.

Support 1~8S LiFe, Li Ion, LiPo battery, 1~7S LiHv, ULiHv battery, 1~14S Pb battery and 1~18S NiMH/Cd battery

The maximum output power is 1200W,

continuous, high-energy output.

Both channels can independently support 1~8S batteries

High Power Synchronous

Dual Channel, with Smart Charging.

Smart High Speed Processor delivers parameter interfere to each port.

Hassle Free with Maximum charging power up to 600W for single port.

Choose ISDT, Powered by Innovation.

The new generation of K4:

Intelligent battery information

interconnection technology

It is fully compatible with BattAir’s innovative information interconnection technology,

connects the battery through the XT60 interface, automatically recognizes the battery

type, and automatically obtains battery information parameters. Automatically match

safe working parameters and optimize the charging algorithm.


Input voltage: AC 100~240V / DC 10~34V

Output voltage: DC 1~34V

Max. input current: DC 45A

Max. charging power: AC 400W / DC 600W ×2

Max. Discharging power: 30W ×2

Parallel charging power/current: 800W/35A

Parallel discharging power/current: 60W/3A

Supported battery types and cell count: LiFe,LiIon,LiPo 1~8S LiHv,ULiHv 1~7S; Pb 1~14S NiMH/Cd 1~18S

Charging current: 0.2~20.0A ×2

Discharging current: 0.2~3.0A ×2

Balance current: 1.5A/Cell Max

Abnormal voltage alarm: Support

Incorrect cell count setting alarm: Support

Support Working temperature: 0~40 °C

Storage temperature: -20~60 °C

Dimension: 176×183×57mm

Weight: About 1230g