Cross RC - TC6 (FLAGSHIP VERSION) Kit -CRO90100084

  • Merk: Cross RC
  • Model: CRO90100084
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad


TC6 (FLAGSHIP VERSION)  Kit -CRO90100084 1:12 Military Crawler

  • Specificaties
    Kit number9010008390100084
    standard verson
    Flagship Version
    Parts name
    The whole car can control the lights
    Hidden sound speakers
    Simulation engine sound card 
    Simulation engine
    Steel front bumper
    Metal tent stand
    Metal shock absorber
    Metal Gear 2 Speed Transmission
    High torque 550 motor
    Metal CVD drive shaft
    Steel CVD half shaft
    Steel axle gear
    Steel chassis armor
    Steel subframe
    Rear axle anti-roll bar
    Mixed fiber nylon A arm 
    Mixed fiber nylon steering cup 
    Mixed Fiber Nylon Block C 
    Mixed fiber nylon differential case 
    Mixed fiber nylon anti-roll bar arm 
    Aluminum CNC A-arm 
    Aluminum alloy CNC steering cup 
    Aluminum CNC C Block 
    Aluminum alloy CNC differential case 
    Aluminum alloy CNC anti-roll bar arm